About Me

My name is Eric Stauffer, and I am a serial entrepreneur with a knack for online marketing. My wife (Kelley) and I were born and raised in Washington, and met in college at WSU. We moved to California for nearly a decade, but are back in Washington with our two sons.

I built my first website almost 20 years ago, and have been fascinated with the internet ever since. Not only does it create an endless web of communication and information sharing, but it provides people with business ideas a legitimate outlet to pursue their passions. For an entrepreneur, it doesn’t get any better than the internet.

My Professional Past

Over the years I have had numerous jobs in a lot of different sectors, but I always found myself coming back to starting my own businesses. I worked in Alaska on a tug boat during my summers in college, I worked at a large bank, I tried my hand at selling insurance for a while, and I even started a furniture delivery business with a close friend of mine.

Fortunately, I also had an opportunity to work at two very different internet companies. The first was an established web presence that employed over 100 people and made millions of dollars a year. I spent my time there as a sales rep, and learned the ins and outs of what a successful web company can become.

The second was at the opposite end of a company life-cycle. This truly was a ground floor opportunity, and a place where I learned how to stack the building blocks needed to create a solid internet business. My time here was primarily spent on marketing, search engine optimization and business development. Three topics that are vital for any web business to become successful.

My Current Focus

I am the founder and President of ExpertInsuranceReviews.com, which provides buying guides, company reviews and news related to the insurance industry. My time as an insurance sales person revealed how complicated this subject matter is for many people, and the goal of this site is to provide a resource for individuals and families who want an expert opinion about everyday insurance topics. ExpertInsuranceReviews.com is a subsidiary of C Street Media, of which I am the President & CEO.